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In our site you will find information about Expert Systems / EA / for trading on international currency markets FOREX . Systems, tests and results of conducted research are presented. For anyone who wants more information about buying products or renting them, please send your inquiry.

AUDUSD Extreme Hunter

AUD Extreme Hunter is an expert designed and optimized to work with the AUDUSD currency pair. EA specializes in trading on a 1 min frame. It is based on monitoring the current change of the price compared to MA-8, as well as the sharp increase of the Moment and in the presence of a non-specific deviation from the normal in a given direction, EA places the respective orders. For those who expect a large number of trade orders, you will need to know that EA is not just about trading – EA only uses places where trading is safe and secure. This can be seen from the attached tests.
EA is designed so that with a spread greater than the set maximum – does not place orders to buy or sell. This makes it safer in the presence of too high volatility. It is not desirable to change the default values, especially for MA-8! Of course, you can use dynamic change of lots, but it is good to take this into account your initial capital. It is very important to know that you can optimize trading with your broker through Slippage – as this is extremely specific and cannot be preset as a default value. In real trading, you will be able to apply the optimal value for Slippage so that you get the most favorable result. Usually the value is 10-60, but with different brokers / STP / ECN / you will get different results that you can optimize through Slippage.

To test AUDUSD Extreme Hunter, be sure to use the MT4 Demo account data (every tick) 1min. Spread=12-16.  A smaller spread would be better!
It is extremely important to know that the number of trades is not large and this guarantees you a normal work with your broker. Most brokers do not fulfill orders that are numerous and warn the trader about this in the trading process. Using Sensitivity / 1-5 / you will be able to set the thresholds for placing orders – 1 = low threshold of Sensitivity; respectively 5 = high Sensitivity threshold (least number of trades and low Drawdown). For all questions, you can write in my profile.

 Recommended leverage is 1:100 and 1:500 is even better. 

  • Martingale is not used.
  • Hedging is not used.
  • Grid is not used.
  • Not scalping.
  • Only one order trade.