Whether for use in the office, home or any public place, the wall panels must be attractive to look at, durable and easy to maintain. Panels for walls that we are able to mounting have all the strengths and advantages you are looking for. Most of the wall panels are a lightweight material, have excellent insulation properties, excellent bending and stretching. These panels are the best solution for completion of residential, office and production facilities


Most often, plasma panels and LCD monitors mounted on the wall. This must be taken into account weight for TVs 50 “weighs about 45-50 pounds. So for the installation of these devices has to be use special wall holder. Basically wall holders TVs are divided into three groups – for CRT, Plasma and LCD display.
Constructive mounts for plasma and LCD TVs look alike, but the attachment of first requires greater precision, because of their large size.
The wall holders also differ in the degree of their mobility. In this case we offer fixed, with the possibility of adjusting the tilt of the horizontal and in the vertical direction and a few degrees of movement. The latter can be rotated horizontally and vertically, and permit linear movement.


The fireplace creates warmth and comfort in your home. Depending on the size and location of your home, we will choose for you the optimal solution for installation of fire place – you can choose between wide selection of classic and electric fireplaces.

For example – the stylish electrical fireplace is installed directly into the wall and powered not with fuel wood or briquettes and electricity. Advanced solution for modern home accessories will provide hours of comfort and warmth without having to load it with fuel mixture or cleaning. The interactive fireplace can be used throughout the year, you have the option to include a heating system in a real sense.