The TBM Directors and staff have over 25 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of demountable / relocatable Timber / MDF composite partitions. Our considerable knowledge has been utilised in developing the fully certificated Imola System that incorporates single and double glazed, solid / veneered panel and door modules. Glazed elevations are available with mullion and or transom style design or glass-to-glass dry joint for the continuous glass wall effect.

Three standard design door modules offer the choice of traditional positioned doorstop, flush rebated door & frame and the partition system concealed door frame with sequentially matched veneer panel and door.

A number of transition posts cater for differing wall starts and drywall conditions including stylish shadow gap features.

TBM have mastered with partition system the challenge of achieving aesthetic design combined with outstanding performance of fire (up to FD60/60), Acoustics (up to 51dBRw) and structural performance (severe).

Partition system components comprise of 45mm frame sections for head, base, mullions, door and junctions to suite with solid structural depths of 75mm (MA), 100mm (MB) and 122mm (MC).

Where project specific site dimensions require alternate frame dimensions, the partition system technical team are available to assist the specifier in detailing the frame system to ensure performance criteria are maintained.